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St Mary's do not tolerate bullying
It is a Bully Free Zone
What can we all do to prevent cyberbullying.

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‘Let’s Fight it Together’

The Curriculum

The curriculum is broad and balanced, with a strong emphasis on celebrating the rich cultural diversity which exists within the community.
The school tries to identify cross curricular links which help put learning into a more meaningful context making work even more relevant and appealing to the pupils. Well planned visits to museums, galleries and places of historical and geographical interest enrich the curriculum and there is good provision for after school sports. The pupils in year 6 have the opportunity to participate in a residential visit at the beginning of the year. The school encourages as many children as possible to take part in this visit and design an exciting timetable of outdoor adventurous activities for the 4 days. The children also learn the importance of working together and supporting each other away from their families and familiar environment.

Yours Sincerely,

A.J. McDonald

Acting Head of School

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