School Dinner Menu

In St. Mary's, children can usually choose between a hot or cold dinner provided by the school or a packed lunch taken from home. Some children are entitled to a free school dinner, but most children pay for theirs.

School lunches are priced at £2.20
Please ensure that there is sufficient money on your Parentpay account.

Parents or carers of children who have dietary requirements need to complete the Referral form and return to school

Special Diet Provision – Referral Form

To view, download and print the School Menu in Colour please click HERE

About Your Child's School Menu

The catering team work hard to develop an appealing cost effective menu which meets the nutritional standards.
They are helpful, friendly and there to ensure your child is satisfied with their meal choice.

Lunch time is an important part of a child's school day, giving pupils a break with friends and the chance to re-charge their batteries ready for the afternoon's activities.

A school meal provides excellent value for money and allows you to budget and plan.

By choosing school meals you can rest assured that your child has a tasty and nutritious meal everyday,
packed full of the goodness that growing bodies need.

There are many good reasons why choosing a school meal is the best lunchtime option for children at the school.

Daily choice of tasty meat or non meat main meals.
Good portions of meat
Daily menu items suitable for vegetarians.
The school operates a No Nuts policy.
Standards met for protein and carbohydrate.
Standards met for vitamins and minerals.
Upto 5 Portions of Fruit & Vegetables daily.
Wholemeal Bread and Salad will be available at Lunch Times
Fresh drinking water available daily.
We don't use any preservatives, colouring or additives that are unsuitable for children.
Choice of deserts.
It's one less job for busy parents to do.
It saves you the time and effort of planning and preparing
a varied and nutritious lunch for your child.

Our tasty school meals, provide lots of choice and great variety with menus operating on a 3 week cycle

To view, download and print the School Menu please click HERE